Overview - Media Analytics

The objective of the Multimedia use case is to develop effective solutions for detecting and mitigating the spread of deep fake images in multimedia content. Deep fake images, which are highly realistic and deceptive manipulations, pose significant risks to privacy, security, and trust in digital media. By leveraging advanced techniques in computer vision and machine learning, participants in this competition aim to create robust and accurate models that can identify and flag instances of deep fake images.

The Multimedia use case will provide a positive impact to different research communities, ranging from the Multimedia and Computer Vision communities to the community active in Social Media analysis, which are all active on the topics of deepfake analysis and detection. These communities will benefit from the Use Case in terms of data release and algorithmic advancements, as the Use Case will include the generation and release of new datasets, the development of novel techniques and the definition of proper evaluation scenarios. Researchers and organizations within ELSA, the European Union and outside will be able to participate in the proposed challenge and contribute to the development of novel tools for deep fake analysis and recognition.

The competition will be deployed in periodical evaluation rounds and different versions of the dataset will be released going progressively to improve the quality, quantity, and type of image generation in order to provide a benchmark that is as representative as possible of image manipulation scenarios within the media.


Contact Information:

For any questions about the challenge and dataset, please do not hesitate to contact us !

Important Dates

March 31, 2024: Registration for the competition is now open on Track 2.

September 18, 2023: Track 1 submission deadline for the ICCV Workshop 

July 17, 2023: Registration for the competition is now open on track 1.

July 15, 2023: Release of the dataset.